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Thursday, 22 August 2019

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It is our intention to add and change these photos to reflect our ongoing breeding and competition programmes and achievements. If you have any questions relating to our stock either from an interest perspective or because you are considering the acquisition of a shetland pony then please contact us.
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For Sale (3 pictures)
Photos of ponies for sale.

Various 2008 (8 pictures)
Photos from 2008 - not a lot yet!

Various 2007 (21 pictures)
Some photos of various bits 'n pieces from 2007

Various 2006 (8 pictures)

Foals 2006 (5 pictures)
Pictures of the 2006 little ones

Miscellaneous (5 pictures)
These are photographs that are not easily defined, but none-the-less we hope they interest you.

Foals 2005 (36 pictures)
Piccies of this year's little ones

Various 2005 (22 pictures)
Some pictures of our 2005 activities

Various 2004 (15 pictures)
Here are some photos of various bits 'n pieces from 2004

Foals 2003 (4 pictures)
Here some some of the foals that were produced here at the stud in 2003.

Olympia 2001 (5 pictures)

Foals 2001 (23 pictures)

Millennium Year Babes (7 pictures)
Here are some of the babes born in the year 2000, and what a nice bunch they were.


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